Chiropractic Treatment Process

ElitCare Chiropractic in Penang is a good chiropractor with good reputation. We offer chiropractic care in Malaysia. 
First Time Visit

Patients visiting us for the first time will undergo a professional consultation by our certified Gonstead chiropractor in Penang, Mr. Chin who will conduct a thorough patient history check. 

To have a better assessment of the patient's condition, they are usually encouraged to get an X-Ray done so that our spine and joint specialist can analyze the x-ray results. 

Patients who have never visited any chiropractor before can refer to the best chiropractic Malaysia practices for further information. Most patients are looking for a back pain treatment Malaysia provider who is able to provide them instant relief for their back pain. 

The best chiropractor Malaysia will not simply diagnose any patient without having a look at their x-ray results first. 

X-Ray Analysis

The X-ray analysis involves looking at specific x-rays which will help explain why certain findings are present upon examination. This provides the best mechanical approach to correcting whatever problems or pain that is experienced by patients. 

An up to date x-ray is required to thoroughly analyze the spine and joint area where there's pain. This is part of the Gonstead chiropractic Malaysia treatment.

Here's a list of conditions that our professional Gonstead chiropractor is able to treat at our Gonstead chiropractic clinic. 

Second Visit

A more thorough assessment will be conducted by Mr. Chin, who is a spine specialist in Penang on the second visit. He will be using a Nerve Meter or Nervoscope to check the spine, palpate the problem area and conduct a patient X-Ray review to explain the cause of the condition or injury. This is part of the Gonstead chiropractic technique when it comes to diagnosing patients.

As a professional Gonstead chiropractor in Malaysia, he is known to be very through in his analysis and evaluation. These are the process that is involved in checking a patient when providing the best chiropractic Malaysia treatment. 


Involves analyzing the patient's posture and to check for any changes to the skin, musculature or contour of the spine. 

Musculature means the system or arrangement of muscles in a body, part of the body or an organ.

As you can imagine, this would be very difficult to accomplish through layers of clothing. It's like going to a foot doctor and having them analyze your foot through your shoe!

This is one of the reason that the best Gonstead chiropractic Malaysia clinic is setup in such a way that the Gonstead chiropractor is able to assess the patient with a "skin on skin" approach. This involves a comfortable customized gown that opens in the back to expose the surface of the spine.
A trusted chiropractor with a good reputation and years of experience will be able to analyze a patient's entire spine thoroughly and quickly to pinpoint the problem area that requires chiropractic treatment.


Involves the use of a handheld instrument called a Nervoscope or Nerve Meter that is used by the Gonstead chiropractor Malaysia specialist to measure the temperature on each side of the spine. 

The Nervoscope is guided down the length of your back. It feels like two fingers touching your skin. 

Readings from the Nervoscope provide another piece of information to the chiropractor as to exactly where the patient's problem exists. 

The Nervoscope is adjustable to fit any spine size from newborns to adults. The best chiropractic Malaysia treatment will require the use of the Nervoscope by a certified Gonstead chiropractor.

Static Palpation

Static palpation is the process of feeling the tissues surrounding the spine by hand. 

Palpation can reveal swelling around the spine, abnormal muscle tone and other signs that help the spine specialist Penang determine exactly where a problem could lie. 

Motion Palpation

The process of feeling the spine while the patient is moving or bending to determine how easily or difficult each segment in your spine is moving in various directions.

With these methods of analyzing along with the patient's x-ray, 
Mr. Chin will then begin the chiropractic treatment process. The Gonstead chiropractic adjustment is not painful and will not take long. 

As the human body needs time to heal, Malaysia's best chiropractor will usually recommend the following visit within a span of a week. 
Third Visit
Patient will be checked to assess their condition improvement and further chiropractic treatment will be given. 

Depending on the patient's condition, our joint and bone specialist in Penang will advise whether further treatment is necessary or not.